Wednesday 10/8/2014 – Don’t try so hard

“Remember, trying harder doesn’t lead to better returns in the market.”
(A Wealth of Common Sense)
Lagging small caps are no cause for panic (Stock Traders Almanac) Be careful shorting the Russell (Irrelevant Investor) GAP CEO departure; stock tanks (USA Today) 3 things the Bulls need now (Ben C Banks) Stocks explode higher on Fed minutes of weakness (Reformed Broker) Elon Musk is the true successor to Steve Jobs (Quartz) 8 tips to maximize your 401k (USA Today) 5 money lessons for your kids (Wealth Pilgrim) All eyes on Alcoa for earnings season? (Ryan Detrick) GoPro: The definition of the “pain trade” (WSJ) Buy Experiences, Not Things (The Atlantic) Elon Musk is the true successor to Jobs (Quartz) Where’s the pay raise? (Washington Post)

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